I’m Vagiz Duseev (Russian: Ваги́з Дусе́ев), a software engineer.

I write mostly in Python, but also speak SQL, C++, Java, Ruby, C#, and bash. I started coding when I was 11 years old with the help of the mentors in the local youth center. My first project was a Battle City clone written using Borland Delphi 7. I continued with developing mods for the games like GTA: San Andreas and Half-Life: 2. In 2009 I started learning C++ and C#, and then spent significant time developing all kinds of projects using C++/Qt/OpenGL and .Net stacks. I am still quite comfortable in C++, despite the current focus on Python.

Throughout my career I have been doing things like

  • Designing and coding large distributed systems in Java and Python;
  • Building clustered storages using Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redis and ELK stack;
  • Setting up Continuous Delivery systems using Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, TeamCity, Travis-CI, CircleCI, and AWS CodeCommit/CodeDeploy;
  • Integrating with AWS, GCP, and other cloud providers;
  • Developing cross-platform desktop and mobile applications using Qt/QML and Flutter;
  • Developing 2D/3D game engines in C++ and OpenGL.

I consider myself a reasonably experienced developer with a particular interest in the automation of all stages of software development: design, implementation, testing, and delivery. Topics like CI/CD, Documentation Driven Development, Test Driven Development, Agile, or Project Planning are a sure way to engage me into an hours-long conversation.

I live in Gdansk, Poland. My home town is Tomsk, Russia. For a brief period I also lived in New York City.


I keep my LinkedIn profile updated to represent my work experience and skills. LinkedIn provides a useful save to PDF feature, if you ever need a copy of my resume in a printed format.

Experience Summary


I’m highly passionate about solving real problems with open-source projects. Check out what I’ve written on my projects page