Hi, I’m Vagiz Duseev.

I’m a software architect. I live in Gdansk, Poland.


  • ilexconf (Python)

    IlexConf is a lightweight configuration management library for Python. It solves the problem of multiple source of configuration: config files, command line args, environment variables, setting files in multiple formats, etc.

    Check it out! It makes working with configs so much easier.

  • wutch (Python)

    Wutch is a Live Server which is able to: watch for changes in given directories, run a shell command on each change, and display results from a different build directory in a browser.

    It was written for Sphinx but can work with Jekyll and other static site generators as well. The cool thing about it is that it automatically refreshes the webpage on each build.

  • dbload (Python)

    DBLoad is a load generator for SQL databases. It support every database that has a JDBC driver. You can use it to write and run scenarios that simulate real world load in the databases.

  • ded (Python)

    Ded is a dependency de-duplication post renderer for Helm 3. Feed it as a post-renderer to Helm and it will remove duplicated dependencies from deployment Helm generates during installation.

    Extremely useful if you want to split your Helm charts into small reusable blocks.

No longer maintained

  • Interactive sandbox (C++, OpenGL, GLSL, OpenNI, OpenCV)

    Educational station with interactive sand, built with Kinect, custom graphics engine, water simulation, and developed as a university project. Sandbox has been presented at CDIO-2013 in MIT, Boston (NVIDIA’s article about our project).

  • s3push (Python)

    Painless upload of directories to AWS S3 with extensive support of different credential sources.

  • preserve-layout-plugin (Java)

    IntelliJ IDEA plugin that allows you to import and export menu layouts.

  • jekyll-dry (Ruby)

    Don’t Repeat Yourself plugin for Jekyll that lets you reuse any content across your website.



  • Extensions Architect at Dynatrace, Gdansk, Poland, 2021-current.
  • Team Captain at Dynatrace, Gdansk, Poland, 2021.
  • Software Engineer at Dynatrace, Gdansk, Poland, 2020.
  • DevOps Engineer at Assaia, Gdansk, Poland, 2020.
  • DevOps Engineer at SailPlay, Gdansk, Poland, 2018-2019.
  • Customer Success Engineer at Behavox, New York, US 2017 - 2018.
  • Lead Development Engineer at SRI InfoTech, Gdansk, Poland 2016 - 2017.
  • Software Developer at SRI InfoTech, Tomsk, Russia 2015 - 2016.
  • Junior Software Developer at Unitsys, Tomsk, Russia 2014.


I keep my LinkedIn profile updated. LinkedIn provides a useful save to PDF feature, if you ever need a copy of my resume in a printed format.