Below are some open-source software projects I’ve authored and co-developed. Most of them are released under MIT-style license. Enjoy!

  • s3push (Python) Painless upload of directories to AWS S3 with extensive support of different credential sources.

  • jekyll-dry (Ruby) Don’t Repeat Yourself plugin for Jekyll that lets you reuse any content across your website.

  • fate (Python) Framework for Algorithm TEsting designed to speed up and simplify problem solving process on such websites as

  • ipvanish (Python) Command line tool for VPN provider “IPVanish”.

  • preserve-layout-plugin (Java) IntelliJ IDEA plugin that allows you to import and export menu layouts.

  • sharmanka (Bash) Bash and Javac based tool that compiles and runs Java sources for you.

Projects that are no longer maintained

  • Interactive sandbox (C++, OpenGL, GLSL, OpenNI, OpenCV)

    Educational station with interactive sand, built with Kinect, custom graphics engine, water simulation, and developed as a university project. Sandbox has been presented at CDIO-2013 in MIT, Boston.