I’m Vagiz Duseev (Russian: Ваги́з Дусе́ев), a software development engineer.

As a programmer, I write mostly in Python, but also Java, Ruby, and C++. Here are my favorite books, and detailed description of my work environment.

I’m highly passionate about solving real problems with personal open-source projects. Check out these hotties:

  • jekyll-dry – Don’t Repeat Yourself plugin for Jekyll that lets you reuse any content across your website. (Ruby)
  • fate – Framework for Algorithm Testing designed to speed up and simplify problem solving for such sites as HackerRank.com. (Python)
  • ipvanish – Command line tool for VPN provider “IPVanish”. (Python)
  • preserve-layout-plugin – IntelliJ IDEA plugin that allows you to import and export menu layouts. (Java)

During my time in the university I was fascinated by 3D game engines and wrote a couple of my own implementations. I did a decent amount of C++ coding, mostly in Qt/QML. Among the projects developed back then are kinect depth data filtration library (published a white paper), high level wrapper for kinect, visual emulator of ext3, xfs, and ntfs systems, and an interactive sandbox station, which was presented at 9th CDIO Conference in 2013, at MIT, USA.

I later moved to Poland, and have been part of SRI Infotech team, working as a lead project developer of the entitlement security system for a large financial institution up until Fall of 2017.