I’m Vagiz Duseev (Russian: Ваги́з Дусе́ев), a software development engineer.

As a programmer, I write mostly in Python, but also Java, Ruby, and C++. Here are my favorite books, and detailed description of my work environment.

I’m highly passionate about solving real problems with open-source projects. Check out these hotties:

  • jekyll-dry – Don’t Repeat Yourself plugin for Jekyll that lets you reuse any content across your website. (Ruby)
  • fate – Framework for Algorithm Testing designed to speed up and simplify problem solving for such sites as HackerRank.com. (Python)
  • ipvanish – Command line tool for VPN provider “IPVanish”. (Python)
  • preserve-layout-plugin – IntelliJ IDEA plugin that allows you to import and export menu layouts. (Java)